Feb 16th, '13, 04:45
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A really interesting tea table

by brunogm » Feb 16th, '13, 04:45


This is really interesting. I do not think it would stand many messy Gong Fu Cha sessions. But if one prepares the tea on another table and drinks it on this one, I think this could be workable.

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Feb 16th, '13, 06:36
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Re: A really interesting tea table

by TomVerlain » Feb 16th, '13, 06:36

I'd be afraid of spilling something on it and ruining it. :lol:

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Feb 16th, '13, 07:51
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Re: A really interesting tea table

by vacuithe » Feb 16th, '13, 07:51

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Feb 16th, '13, 12:31
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Re: A really interesting tea table

by debunix » Feb 16th, '13, 12:31

brunogm wrote:This is really interesting.
I love it. Can't see the practicality of living with it, but it's a beautiful thing for a tea shop....

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Feb 16th, '13, 15:39
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Re: A really interesting tea table

by Chip » Feb 16th, '13, 15:39

I can see the calming and pleasing possibiliteas ... BUT ... heh, interesting concept that cats would love to make a huge mess with ... nevertheless, interesting.

Takes me back to my high school Physics class with the wave/ripple tanks.

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Feb 18th, '13, 10:57
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Re: A really interesting tea table

by hopeofdawn » Feb 18th, '13, 10:57

I must not have any romance in my soul--my first thought on seeing this was 'oo, pretty!'. My second thought was 'man, that would be a royal pain to keep clean!' :lol:

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Feb 18th, '13, 12:27
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Re: A really interesting tea table

by tomasini » Feb 18th, '13, 12:27

I find a way to spill any and everything....id have to wear a pancho :shock:

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