Jun 10th 13 11:31 pm
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Airtight Storage

by zeto » Jun 10th 13 11:31 pm

I did some searching about vacuum sealing and storage without much luck...

I purchased some Sae Midori, Chiran, and Oku Hikari Shincha that I would like to try myself now, but also be able to share with others in as fresh a state as possible over the next few months. (inb4 don't store any of it)

As vacuum sealing in a dark canister is easily the best method of preventing moisture, oxygen, and light contact I'm surprised more people don't do that... all it would take is a top with a hand pump.

The problem is, I've yet to see a small tea sized opaque container that has a manual air pump in the cap on any site I've looked. (The reason for the manual pump is that the cost would be negligible as compared to an external powered pump that would probably cost an additional 50-100)

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with storing tea using such a container? I feel that if someone has a large enough variety of tea on hand, that this type of container is a must-have. (coffee has them, but they are large and transparent containers)

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Jun 11th 13 4:23 am
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Re: Airtight Storage

by Poohblah » Jun 11th 13 4:23 am

Hi zeto,

Many months back there was a thread about a new product that does exactly what you are looking for. Several people even got an opportunity to test this product. I will see if I can't dig up this thread for you.

ok, so it's not exactly what you are looking for, but here you go: http://www.teachat.com/viewtopic.php?f=75&t=17149

also, what about these?

Jun 11th 13 12:42 pm
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Re: Airtight Storage

by zeto » Jun 11th 13 12:42 pm

From what I can see Tightvac is not a vacuum seal, but rather makes it impossible to take the top off due to the vacuum created by increasing the volume during uncapping. I noticed this when I saw some youtube reviews on it.

Chip was the only one to review the plunger version... and stated that the 32oz version was huge, considering most tea purchases here are done in 2-5oz.