Jul 9th, '13, 15:58
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Tea table plus tea set (smiling buddha)

by oolong » Jul 9th, '13, 15:58

Does anybody know where I can buy this tea table and the tea set (cups, pot, pitcher) online?
http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Kung-fu- ... 86200.html

Because I don't know this seller and they all do not seem very reliable on this website. But I really like this set.

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Jul 9th, '13, 16:01
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Re: Tea table plus tea set (smiling buddha)

by Chip » Jul 9th, '13, 16:01

The seller has 100% positive feedback. However I have never purchased through alieexpress.

Jul 10th, '13, 08:17
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Re: Tea table plus tea set (smiling buddha)

by pennanhuo » Jul 10th, '13, 08:17

You have to be very carefull on aliexpress. Definately do not take a risk with seller with no feedback!

I just bought a wooden teatray from there.

The biggest problem with most sellers, was that they had not calculated the weight correctly. I think this is because most of them do not really have all the items in stock, but buy them from a supplier after you order…

As the limit for China Airmail is 2kg they wanted to charge more for the shipping with courier or cancel the order. I got my money back every time, but this happened three times before I finally got one seller to ship the tray I wanted. And it was quite badly packed as the seller wanted to save on shipping…

So I recommend to pay extra for good shipping and talk to the seller before buying. They can sometimes even give you some discounts :-D

Jul 10th, '13, 12:28
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Re: Tea table plus tea set (smiling buddha)

by oolong » Jul 10th, '13, 12:28

Yes, I contacted this seller and even though they wrote back, they do not seem very reliable. For example I asked them what would happen if the package arrived damaged and the reply was they would pack it well. Honestly, I expected them to tell me that the package would be insured (considering they want to charge $80 for shipping).
So I don't want to take a risk. I finally found the tea pitcher, pot and cups as a set on eBay from DragonHouse who is a very reliable seller. However I haven't found the tea table yet. So does anyone have some suggestions where I could find it online?

Jul 13th, '13, 05:05
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Re: Tea table plus tea set (smiling buddha)

by oolong » Jul 13th, '13, 05:05

At least I found the teaware (not the tea table though) and have ordered it. This comes from the Dragon Tea House and I have ordered there several times already. They always reply to e-mails immediately and once an expensive cup got lost and they re-sent it. So their customer service is really good and I trust them.

So how do you like this teaware?
http://www.ebay.de/itm/271217077032?ssP ... 1439.l2649

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