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Jul 13th 13 10:37 pm
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DIY Tea Storage

by asterix2k10 » Jul 13th 13 10:37 pm

Ordered some mason jars and going to try this for storing all my teas (except pu-erh because I understand it needs oxygen to age properly.)

Good idea?

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Jul 14th 13 3:27 pm
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Re: DIY Tea Storage

by Chip » Jul 14th 13 3:27 pm

Try checking out Tea Storage Options under Teaware and Accessories There are some other pretty animated topics on storage as well in that forum.

My canisters of choice for Japanese greens are the sample size canisters from Upton.

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Jul 21st 13 10:02 pm
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DIY Tea Storage

by Poseidon » Jul 21st 13 10:02 pm

That's really slick. I going to do this to my ounce jars since I frequently change out the teas.