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Aug 13th, '13, 21:18
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Re: Tea Table/Tray Ruined

by Chip » Aug 13th, '13, 21:18

JB Weld is good stuff! There is marine grade, but I used standard locally available product found at Home Depot.

I used it to repair 2 Kyusu handles that were pretty shattered. After hundreds of subsequent uses, the handles are still holding strong!

Aug 16th, '13, 03:59
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Re: Tea Table/Tray Ruined

by danny » Aug 16th, '13, 03:59

Oh yes, the same happened to me several months ago... Once there is a leak the end is near. Tried to fix it but that didn't work properly.

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Aug 16th, '13, 15:13
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Re: Tea Table/Tray Ruined

by JD » Aug 16th, '13, 15:13

I've gotten most of the elmer's glue off of the table. Now after using it I wipe the lid off and sit it somewhere else, drain the table, and let them air dry. I haven't used the "fixed" broken table yet. I'm sure it'll just create paste like the new one has unless I can somehow put a sealant over the repairs. Perhaps I can cover and seal the repairs in epoxy.

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