Jan 4th, '14, 16:19
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by Noonie » Jan 4th, '14, 16:19

Anyone use a coaster with their tea cup?

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Jan 4th, '14, 16:26
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Re: Coaster

by Chip » Jan 4th, '14, 16:26

YES! Virtually every time. I usually use chataku. Sometimes I use unconventional items for coasters as well ...

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Jan 4th, '14, 17:17
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by debunix » Jan 4th, '14, 17:17

Yes. I set my cups on a lot of surfaces that are easily scratched. Sometimes there's a placemat, sometimes a coaster of one sort or another.

Jan 5th, '14, 05:42
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Re: Coaster

by Noonie » Jan 5th, '14, 05:42

I usually had coasters where I end up drinking my tea, but carrying the cup there was the challenge as it was hot. Until a recent O-Cha purchase I had been using small cups with handles, but my new cup doesn't have a handle.

Regarding the coaster, I see it as a new teaware item to research and purchase...so a bonus!

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Jan 5th, '14, 08:46
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Re: Coaster

by ShawnP » Jan 5th, '14, 08:46

My cups are always on something, be it a Tea Table or a coaster. Something is always around.

I do not have coasters bought specifically for my tea brewing though.


Jan 5th, '14, 13:10
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Re: Coaster

by Ursinos » Jan 5th, '14, 13:10

does using a saucer count?

My cup of choice right now is an western style teacup with saucer. Though I have chinese cast iron cup as well, also with a leaf-shaped saucer, but since I'm experimenting right now, and it's black on the inside of the cup, I'm using the other one cause it's white lol.

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Jan 6th, '14, 09:37
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Re: Coaster

by MEversbergII » Jan 6th, '14, 09:37

At home, no. In the office, I've been using the same folded up paper towel for coming on two years now...


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