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May 16th 14 5:33 pm
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Re: Teaware 'on display' with frequent use

by Fabien » May 16th 14 5:33 pm

Nothing fancy here, just a place in the bookshelves for the pots. What becomes harder to store are the jars-jarlets-tea caddies that I bought a large number of lately.
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May 17th 14 1:18 pm
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Re: Teaware 'on display' with frequent use

by hopeofdawn » May 17th 14 1:18 pm

JRS22 wrote:
Noonie wrote:Was wondering how people carry their pot/cup, etc., from such a shelf over to where you're going to be using it in a tea session? I was thinking of getting a tray that is solid, somewhat non-slip, and that has handles on the sides. I would keep this with the other tea ware and load it up as necessary.

They sell basic kitchen/food trays everywhere, but I was wondering if you've come across some that are 'more interesting'...
I have a Seong-il ceramic tea tray that I use for carrying and brewing. The sides are higher than the 'work surface', forming a rim, so nothing can slide off. Then there are holes in the surface for water to pass through and collect in the base. While it's heavier than the bamboo tray that I used previously it won't warp.
I have a lovely rosewood Chinese tea tray (with the plastic catch basin underneath) that I often use to carry things back and forth, but it's pretty big for one person. I also have a large ceramic platter I found at a local art fair--I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended as a tea tray, but it works beautifully as one anyway. :)