Jul 26th 05 5:02 am

Tea Canisters

by Alberta » Jul 26th 05 5:02 am


Where can I buy Tea canisters for storing teas ? It should have the capacity of more than 16 0z.


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Jul 26th 05 2:33 pm
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by PeteVu » Jul 26th 05 2:33 pm

not here, although u can get them in just about any other place that sells tea. Tenren has some nice ones that have double lids seen here...
but the max is 16 oz.

you could just buy giant cookie jars from various places like walmart or target. They have airtight seals and latches, but they are clear, and you'll need to cover them up to properly seal tea.

again, just surf the web a little and im sure you'll find what u need quickly.