Where to start with light teas?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Mar 23rd, '09, 15:24
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Where to start with light teas?

by tjausti » Mar 23rd, '09, 15:24

While Im ordering samples of green (along with a second ingeniutea <sp>) and oolongs samples I figure I might as well save the shipping. any suggestions to get started in white/yellow teas?

Order Info:
earl grey bravo 8oz $12.00

green tea starter set $19.00

oolong #40 sample $5.00
oolong #18 sample $4.00
pouchong sample $2.00

silver needle sample $4.00
snowbud sample $2.00
white symphony sample $2.00
white peony sample $2.00

Total: $52.00

this was my initial thoughts. any suggestions? the only reason I am not just jumping on the sample is the little clause about not getting the same thing you ordered :D


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Mar 23rd, '09, 16:31
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by Aphroditea » Mar 23rd, '09, 16:31

Well, everyone's tastes are different of course, so take this with a grain of salt. Personally I would get the White Darjeeling as opposed to the Silver Needle. I, personally, like it better.

Also, you might consider a flavored white. My fave is blueberry, but if you like Earl Grey (and we all you do :wink: ) then you might also like the Tangerine.

Just some thoughts. But, I think you have a good solid group together to start exploring.


Mar 24th, '09, 11:45
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by silvermage2000 » Mar 24th, '09, 11:45

I would say silverneedle,white peony,yue gwang bai,bai mu dan,ai mu tan,snowbuds.

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Mar 24th, '09, 12:04
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by Chip » Mar 24th, '09, 12:04

I personally would want to try the White Darjeeling since I have not tried this one yet.

I recommend White Symphony and Silver Needles, both are very good.

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