Question about the scorpio blend

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Mar 26th, '09, 19:55
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Question about the scorpio blend

by Jasmin » Mar 26th, '09, 19:55

I'm thinking about ordering it. It sounds good and has good reviews.
Is it more like a black or a red tea?
Can you really taste the mango or is it more a chocolate/vanilla flavor?
If those who've had the tea can explain it to me I'd really appreciate it. :)

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Mar 26th, '09, 20:13
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Contact: jazz88

by jazz88 » Mar 26th, '09, 20:13

It sounds like a crazy combo, I know but it works. It's 60% mango + 30% vanilla Rooibos + 10% chocolate chip and it's a very rich taste.

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Mar 27th, '09, 07:36
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by Jasmin » Mar 27th, '09, 07:36

Oh, thanks for the detailed info!
So it's mainly black tea and lots of mango. Sounds really good. I'll include it in my next order. :)

Mar 28th, '09, 20:38
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by silvermage2000 » Mar 28th, '09, 20:38

That I do believe is a neat combo. I like mangos,and chocolate and vanilla but have never had them all together. I will have to think about this blend some more.

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Mar 29th, '09, 00:04
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by CutieAgouti » Mar 29th, '09, 00:04

This is one of my favorite blends. For me (everyone's taste buds differ) it's more chocolaty and I don't notice the mango flavor much. It's rich to drink and smells great!

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