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Mar 29th, '09, 16:49
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Lack of visit to Hojo

by Herb_Master » Mar 29th, '09, 16:49

TokyoB wrote:
Herb_Master wrote:
AND having just arrived home from Malaysia with lots of goodies I want to try them but now I am reminded that I have lots of TGY sitting in my fridge - mmmn! which way shall I turn today?

Did you get a chance to go to a Hojo Tea shop? (off topic I know, sorry)

No I did not even realise Hojo had a shop there!

I did plan a visit to the Mid Valley Mega Mall to visit the Purple Cane store in the Gardens alonside - where after your post my research shows the Hojo shop to be located.

But it involved a change of LRT lines to get there, and I quickly found that Purple Cane had a shop located in Chinatown (discovered on foot not by Internet). Where I bought a pack of 4 Wuyi

I had wanted (before my visit) to visit Purple Cane to buy tea and food to consume at leisure - as well as viewing the products to bring home

But after finding the Purple Cane retail shop in Chinatown - the need faded
After being given a fine reception in Evergreen Tea Shop on each of the 3 occasions I visited sampling with them as many teas as I wished - it faded further
And an even grander reception on every visit to Wisdom Art Centre - not only drinking the teas they were drinking but having food thrown at me as well such as succulent Roast Duck - the needed disappeared altogether.

Then on almost my last day I ended up in Mid Valley Mega Mall as part of a group of 6 - Sofie [Zaleha's niece's Husband] was driving the 6 of us round various sites and attractions of interest of my choosing -and I suggested we go to the mall [so that Z and his wife, could secretly buy him a Birthday cake]

My intention was to visit the Gardens, but it was busy and everyone was getting tired - I found a Purple Cane store (not a tea restaurant) in the Mall itself - but never visited the Gardens - and I did not have my Camera

While I distracte Sofie the girls got the cake - and we ate it at Zaleha's Condo



His wife Salmirza had one Strawberry


and I got the other


because Ain Balqis refused it


and Ain Batrisya does not like Strawberries


and Zaleha heard Salmirza say it was tart