Adagio TeaV episode 13: Battlestar Galactica

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Mar 30th, '09, 00:30
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Adagio TeaV episode 13: Battlestar Galactica

by ilya » Mar 30th, '09, 00:30

Zack continues his pop culture inspired tea reviews with this week's tea: Battlestar Galactica by Patrick Thompson. Bonus points to anyone who successfully guesses how many episodes of BSG that Zack has watched :)

Mar 30th, '09, 04:14
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by maxxum » Mar 30th, '09, 04:14

I would say that Zack watched 20 BSG shows. :lol:

Mar 30th, '09, 04:26
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by maxxum » Mar 30th, '09, 04:26

A friend of mine gave me some BSG tea and it tasted more like battlestar YUCKtica! The 3 flavors in my opinion didn't work well/blend together. I tried it again because Zack said he liked I tried it again and it was worse the second time around.

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Mar 30th, '09, 17:47
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by zack » Mar 30th, '09, 17:47

BSG tea was all around just ok.

You may be a bit off on the episode view count :)

Mar 30th, '09, 19:56
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by silvermage2000 » Mar 30th, '09, 19:56

Interesting gunpower,passionfruit,and apple I think would be a unique combo. I will have to keep this in mind for something different.

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Mar 30th, '09, 21:31
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by rspear » Mar 30th, '09, 21:31

Ha Ha Cylon=Ceylon, hilarious!! Thanks for doing a BSG tea so close to the finale for all of us BSG fans out there. I have made some BSG inspired blends as well so it was nice to see that others love the show as much as I do!

Mar 31st, '09, 00:00
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by Travinder » Mar 31st, '09, 00:00

The flavours are very distinct in this tea. I think it would be good in the mornings when out camping.

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