Yerba Mate tea

Healthy herbs, rooibos, honeybush, decaf tea, and yerba mate.

May 21st, '06, 19:59
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Yerba Mate tea

by soapy » May 21st, '06, 19:59

Anyone try it, like it? loose or bags? straw thing or no?
strain or no? I personally dont' like floating leaves and things in tea while drinking..

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May 22nd, '06, 02:35
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by Joe » May 22nd, '06, 02:35

Yes. I love Mate. Loose Mate in fact. I gotta strain it cause i don't own a bombilla.

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May 22nd, '06, 09:29
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by klemptor » May 22nd, '06, 09:29

Klemptor and mate are unmixy things.

May 22nd, '06, 10:16
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by soapy » May 22nd, '06, 10:16

whats it taste like.. I was thinking about trying it but that bombilla really throws me and turns me off from wanting to

May 22nd, '06, 11:43
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Confessions of a Reluctant Yerba Mate Drinker

by Tea Guy » May 22nd, '06, 11:43

I've gotten quite fond of yerba mate - after a slow start. Here's an article I wrote about it.

Confessions of a Reluctant Yerba Mate Drinker


Tea Guy Speaks

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May 22nd, '06, 11:54
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by studio271 » May 22nd, '06, 11:54

I bought a pound of RofT Yerba Mate Latte on a whim a few months ago. I find it to be a very good blend. I let it steep for a good 10 minutes and strain it forcefully with my french press. Comes out very good by itself, with a bit of a saltiness to it (only in the aftertaste).

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May 23rd, '06, 12:48
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by Joe » May 23rd, '06, 12:48

I like te describe Mate as "poor man's green tea" Basically, if Green tea and Mate were people, Green Tea would live in a piecful part of a beautiful city, and Mate would live in a hut in the forest outside of the nice part of town.

Did I actually just type this?....yup. Oh well, I hope that helps. :D

Also, to type a way that makes sense....Mate tastes like Green tea you wouldn't mind drinking from a paper cup, or a big plastic mug, while i think the only way i could imagine wanting to drink Green tea would be from a really nice tea cup.

Okay, I'm finally done not making sense....

May 27th, '06, 23:37
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by Darth Jeeling » May 27th, '06, 23:37

Yes, the best part of mate-drinking is definitely the strainer-spoon-hookah things you get to drink it with. :P

Jan 6th, '07, 14:13
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Oh well

by Lucien23 » Jan 6th, '07, 14:13

So essentially Yerba Mate is for poor people who live in huts? Not sure if I should be drinking it then. I was soo looking forward to getting into it, oh well.

Jan 7th, '07, 10:18
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by tomvyn » Jan 7th, '07, 10:18

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

Mate is for poor people?!?!?!?!?!?! :shock: :roll:

And from plastic cup?!?!?!?!?!?!? :shock: :roll:

Than give me a tent and plastic cups factory :twisted: :lol:

Yeah, if you strain it and drink it from plastic cup, than I can imagine, that you don't like it :twisted: :lol:
Joe wrote, that he love mate, so don't listen to his second reply and excuse him, he was definetly just drunk from to much bad coffee and doesn't know, what he's saying :twisted: ;o))))
Mate is let's say like PuErh.. People either don't like it, or love it. It has very strong taste, kinda grassy, bitter taste, and I think you have to find the way to like it. It took me few years of drinking Mate with caramelised sugar, before I started enjoying pure Mate, and now eventhough I like really decent and fine taste of BaiMuDan, Tamaryokucha or BiLuoChunCha, than Mate I like really strong and bitter. But it's like with everything.. Who liked olives for the first time? Or beer? Coffee? Your taste evolves, so keep on trying, and either you will love it, or it will come back to you next year :lol: .
But eventhough I understand, that if you start with Mate, you have to prepare it in a mug with a strainer, once you like, immediatelly buy kalabasa with bombilla - it's just so much better! And you can actually drink let's say third or half, than pour hot water from thermos, leave for few minutes, and you have full kalabasa of good Mate again! You obviously have to leave the leaves inside, and it gets stronger and better every brew actually ;o).

It's just perfect tea, and by the way - it's always YOUR taste and YOUR choice, so don't mind those, who don't know how to appreciate it ;o).

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Jan 8th, '07, 17:48
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by Madam Potts » Jan 8th, '07, 17:48

Mate is a very earthy/herby green tea taste with a slight buzz (caffeine).

I don't own the mate utnesils, but have found that you can prepare it like any other tea or infusion.

I encourage people to try things. And if you don't like you can always try to trade it with someone else on the board.

Madam Potts

Feb 2nd, '07, 03:13
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by kimber45acp » Feb 2nd, '07, 03:13

I like add mate to some of black teas or rooibos, for that added boost of caffeine. The taste stays hidden in black teas well.
On its own its pretty good as well. Very similar to green tea with a slight grassy taste and more caffeine of course.

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Feb 2nd, '07, 16:45
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by Madam Potts » Feb 2nd, '07, 16:45

Mate with peppermint and rose hips is particularly nice!

(brewed it yesterday morning!)

Mar 20th, '07, 12:38
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by Inaya » Mar 20th, '07, 12:38

I actually think the stuff tastes and smells like cigarettes -- which as a non-smoker is pretty nasty. It also seems to have a bit of common flavor with greens... and I'm not a big fan of greens either.

I want to like it... I can drink it with sugar (barely). I guess its a very acquired taste... and I'd like to acquire it.

I just mix it into my blacks (Assam and Irish Breakfast mainly) for my morning pick-me-up, much like poster kimber45acp above does. And yeah, a good strong black can almost completely cover up the flavor of the mate.

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