Sunset Cinnamon Tea

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Jun 11th, '05, 07:48

Sunset Cinnamon Tea

by sbraml » Jun 11th, '05, 07:48

I recently was introduced to a loose leaf tea called Sunset Cinnamon. It was naturally sweet that it required no addition of honey or sugar at all. It had a little bite to it like a Red Hot candy. I have Adagio's cinnamon loose leaf, and it does not taste like the Sunset Cinnamon blend. I am wondering if Adagio could pick up this blend in their catalog.


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Jun 13th, '05, 09:35
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by chris » Jun 13th, '05, 09:35

Thanks for the note.

We'll gladly look into it!


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Jun 14th, '05, 15:33
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Cinnamon Sunset Tea

by sbramlage » Jun 14th, '05, 15:33

Thanks for looking into this. I have had a few co workers express interest in this tea, and we would love to be able to order from Adagio.


Nov 4th, '05, 01:02

by Guest » Nov 4th, '05, 01:02

I believe Sunset Cinnamon is a Harney and Sons Tea. I love it myself and purchased some from them a while back. If you love cinnamon you have to try it. I do the mail order thing quite a bit and these guys are reliable and have a ton to select from. I am a fanatic for flavored black teas but do enjoy other types from time to time...judge as you will LOL.

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Nov 4th, '05, 16:26
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by klemptor » Nov 4th, '05, 16:26

LadyArden wrote:Sometimes we just need to be reminded to mix our "paints" and make even yummier blends.

Oh, I'm so a fan of the mixing. Then, when you find a blend you love, you can order a custom blend from Adagio!

There was a Little Golden Book about a panda and his set of paints.

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