Tea House in Houston

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Mar 21st, '09, 02:38
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Tea House in Houston

by RobinK-NC » Mar 21st, '09, 02:38

I'm flying to TX for my 9 yr Niece's b'day and I want to take her to an old fashioned English style afternoon tea...with the tiny sandwishes, scones, 3 tier stand, desserts, the whole works!

Good food is a must! :D

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Mar 22nd, '09, 10:51
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by Aphroditea » Mar 22nd, '09, 10:51

I am afraid it has been several years since I have lived in Houston and now when I visit I go to Path of Tea which is an Asian teahouse.
However, I have heard good things about Serenitea Tea Room in Sugar Land. I have been told it is pretty posh and great for special occassions. There is also this place out by Katy Mills called Cottage Charm which is in a Victorian house. I went there a few years back and it was kitchy. But, I heard that it got new orners and went uber-Christian (not my thing) and fairly soon afterward went out of business, so you might want to look into that. That is really all I can think of.

Hope this helps!!

update: I did a quick search and found this which looks like a place that kids would like - it is all Victorian and frilly and has a special kids menu and it looks like maybe some dress-up stuff. There are two locations.

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Apr 12th, '09, 15:04
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by edkrueger » Apr 12th, '09, 15:04

Horrors! Go to Path of Tea not some frilly Victorian thing.

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