tea name translations (chinese/english)

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Jun 2nd, '06, 08:55
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tea name translations (chinese/english)

by sherdwen » Jun 2nd, '06, 08:55

translation is not easy. there are many factors. we can use literal, connotation or the pingin (chinese). i do some translating/writiting and i do some for tea and i also have to take in account how it sounds, because someone will have to drink it...but i try to keep the meaning the same or as close as possible, i dont expect people to know chinese... take a look at some of our translations... i dont take credit for all of them for many of them have been used before.

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Jun 2nd, '06, 10:13
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by Richard » Jun 2nd, '06, 10:13

Why don't you consider writing up a little article for our newsletter on translating tea names? It's an interesting angle that most people don't know about! There should be a link for submissions on the bottom of the main TeaMuse page!

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