MySpace/Facebook/other social networking sites

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Apr 14th, '09, 02:09
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MySpace/Facebook/other social networking sites

by violetsiva » Apr 14th, '09, 02:09

I wish there was a free gift certificate link that you could post on your MySpace or Facebook pages.

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Apr 29th, '09, 02:34
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by kkthxby3 » Apr 29th, '09, 02:34


Would be the best way for me to share my new favorite site.

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Apr 29th, '09, 11:41
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by Anelezel » Apr 29th, '09, 11:41

I just copy and paste the Twitter message to my Facebook updates, the codes are good for 24 hours so you can repost it more than once.

I hope thats OK that I'm doing that...

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Apr 29th, '09, 19:56
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Twitter GCs

by ilya » Apr 29th, '09, 19:56

We have recently added the ability to tweet out $5 GCs to all of your followers. Here's the page that will allow you to do so: ... itter.html

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