Adagio TeaV episode 16: Birthday Tea

Discuss some of the favorite customer-created Signature Blends.

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Apr 20th, '09, 11:09
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Adagio TeaV episode 16: Birthday Tea

by ilya » Apr 20th, '09, 11:09

Our very own Xine is celebrating her birthday later this month, and so we looked the other way when her signature blend "Birthday Tea" somehow cut in line and mysteriously appeared on the list of teas that Zack is reviewing. Will his review be kind to the birthday girl? Find out.

Apr 20th, '09, 11:47
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by bsteele » Apr 20th, '09, 11:47

sprinkles eh? I don't recall seeing that as an available blend option ;)

Imagine the possibilities: Lapsang Souchong with sprinkles... Irish Breakfast with sprinkles... ooo or the ever so popular Genmai Cha with sprinkles

In other news... I've got a craving for cupcakes

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Apr 20th, '09, 13:14
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by zack » Apr 20th, '09, 13:14

I loved this tea.


Apr 21st, '09, 10:12
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by silvermage2000 » Apr 21st, '09, 10:12

This tea sounds so good at right up my alley. I will check out the video to.

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Apr 21st, '09, 11:04
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by auggy » Apr 21st, '09, 11:04

I had that tea yesterday morning - it's one of my fav flavored ones.

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Apr 21st, '09, 11:11
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by chamekke » Apr 21st, '09, 11:11

I'm not generally fond of flavoured teas, but this one is very nice.

Plus the label makes me smile every time I see it :)

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