Apr 21st, '09, 10:12
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Questions about customer reinfusing

by Carole » Apr 21st, '09, 10:12

I own a tea shop in Littleton, Colorado (in-tea.net) and am having difficulty establishing a policy about customers re-infusing their leaves. Worst case scenario- I end up reinfusing a tea that a customer purchased for $3.75, 5 times and gave milks, bobas, fruit syrups, etc- all for free with each re-infusion.This customer even wanted the last one to go (to-go setups cost me .28 cents.) I am considering charging .50 cents for all reinfusions. This would include in the shop and "one for the road" to-gos after their hot pot in the shop. We will hold their leaves for the reinfusion and charge for the additional servings of bobas (.50) and/or for added flavored syrups (.50). (Incidentally, we have a beautiful condiment station with 13 different sweeteners and 5 different types of milk all available at no charge all the time.)
I am wondering what Adagio members / shop owners come across relative to their customer experience / customer policies with reinfusion? I serve only the highest quality teas and love to teach my customers about the beauty of reinfusing.I hate the idea of nickel and diming my customers, but unfortunately, I cant afford to offer "buy one get one (or 2, or 3) free" with all the bells and whistles (bobas, syrups) as well. Comments? Observations? Thank you.

Apr 21st, '09, 11:12
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by Proinsias » Apr 21st, '09, 11:12

I tend to expect one or two refills of fresh water free, but then I consume nothing but water and leaf and tend to buy from the top end of the menu when sitting in.

I'm in the UK, syrup and the like are charged by the shot.

I would expect to pay for one of my refills to be converted to a take away.

A local tea shop has a star beside teas on the menu which they will provide fresh hot water at no extra charge, these tend to be teas which would be as well being placed in the bin than placed in a mix of milk and sugar.

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Apr 25th, '09, 12:15
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by gingkoseto » Apr 25th, '09, 12:15

In most Asian buba fruit teashops, the buba tea is sold as one serving of beverage, that is, including the tea water, fruit juice and boba. The customer doesn't get tea leaves, so they can't do re-infusion. If they want more, they should buy another serving of the whole package. For some other teas, if re-infusion only requires water, then it's not much of a problem.

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Apr 25th, '09, 14:10
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by entropyembrace » Apr 25th, '09, 14:10

With all the boba's, milks, syrups and such it makes sense to charge extra for a refill.

Apr 25th, '09, 18:05
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by Carole » Apr 25th, '09, 18:05

Thanks all! We have include a 50 cent upcharge for tea reinfusion and most people seem to be agreeable. Hate to do it but some folks we just taking advantage...so this way we at least break even. Appreciate your responses.


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