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May 2nd, '09, 11:53
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Email messages

by Janine » May 2nd, '09, 11:53

Sorry if this topic already exists, but... I have written messages to different people, and twice when I push "submit" the message has not shown up in my "Sent" folder.

Do I just have to wait for this, or try again? Please advise.

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May 2nd, '09, 12:01
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Contact: Victoria

by Victoria » May 2nd, '09, 12:01

PMs stay in your "Outbox" until they are read. Then they go to your "Sent" folder.
I got your message by the way. Look now.

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May 2nd, '09, 13:22
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by Janine » May 2nd, '09, 13:22

Ah! Thanks, Victoria :-)

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