The Perfect Masala Tea

Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Jun 22nd, '06, 10:53
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The Perfect Masala Tea

by seeromanticli » Jun 22nd, '06, 10:53

I've tried as many cups of masala chai as I possibly could. Nearly every opportunity to drink the spicey, sweet, and oh so utterly delicious conconction that presented itself I took. It became a mission of sorts, drink EVERY version of masala tea.

As we all know, there is a VERY wide range in the quality of tea, and in the quality/potency of the spices. Two years ago I was lucky enough to go to India, where you might say I was in masala chai fantasy land, but I was often unable to finish my drink because it was too spicey. I didn't find the perfect masala and tea mixture until I came back to the states.

Janam Indian Tea Shop was the answer to my seemingly never ending quest for the perfect masala chai. The owner has her own masala recipe that has all the qualities of the indian masala that I loved so much, and though some of the kick that masala ought to give ya, is still there, it's not overwhelmingly spices. . . Simply perfect.

Anyway . . . my recommendation? Janam Indian Tea Shop's Masala Chai.


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Jun 22nd, '06, 20:01
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by keelyn » Jun 22nd, '06, 20:01

Thanks for the new site to check out. They have tea tastings in NYC, too...I will have to get myself out there sometime.

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Nov 8th, '06, 05:42
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by tenuki » Nov 8th, '06, 05:42

most of the masala chia sold here in the US in premixed liquid form is either too sweet for my taste (tazo) or too peppery (morning glory). The only chai I've found so far that I like is Tao of Tea's '500 Mile Chai' boiled with water in a pan, then half/half added and brought up to temp, then strained into a cup. But would love it if Adagio offered something similar. Just don't skimp on the cardamom, ginger and cloves and overkill on the pepper.

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Aug 7th, '07, 16:43
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by lovintea » Aug 7th, '07, 16:43

It is the same for me for the Masala Chai. I didn't go around hunting for it. The first time I tasted Masala Chai was, sadly to admit, from Starbucks (which everyone prob agree that it was bad). The second attempt was at Janam and this time I couldn't forget it. It was really good and it made me feel comfortable and warm during winter. Afterward i tried other places but i always find myself just going to back to Janam every time.

Right now i think they are having a special about 10% off for the chai mix this month. =D So whoever that likes should get it.

Sep 12th, '07, 14:08
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by blueberriesandtea » Sep 12th, '07, 14:08

I'll have to try that! My current favorite is the Rishi Masala Chai Organic. It is excellent.

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