question about pu ehr

One of the intentionally aged teas, Pu-Erh has a loyal following.

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Jun 24th, '06, 10:17
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question about pu ehr

by Pondocus » Jun 24th, '06, 10:17

I recently purchased 100g of pu ehr tea for $1.20.
Its loose leafed, not in a cake or anything, and is pretty tasty.
I always thought pu ehr tea was very costly, have I been fooled and sold some tea that isn't really pu ehr? How can I tell?

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Jun 24th, '06, 10:37
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Contact: Warden Andy

by Warden Andy » Jun 24th, '06, 10:37

When you brew it, does the tea come out green or black? It's probably either cooked or young raw puerh. Cooked will come out black, and have a very earthy flavor. Raw will come out similar to green tea, only, it can be more "harsh."

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Jun 24th, '06, 13:17
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Contact: studio271

by studio271 » Jun 24th, '06, 13:17

What you have sounds exactly like what Adagio sells (their Puerh Dante), which is a loose, cooked Pu-erh. This means the manufacturer took the loose leaves (called Mao Cha; similar to green tea), spread them out on a platform, repeatedly sprayed them with water and heated them (simulating the "fermentation" that usually occurs over time in a non-cooked Puerh), then packaged it and sold it. If they wanted to sell it in a compressed form (stores better), they'd do that at the end, as well.

Here are a few links to information on Pu-erh:

Hou De's Pu-erh Information (from a supplier)
Wikipedia entry for Pu-uerh Tea - nicely organized (use the javascript menu-bar at the top of the page)

...probably several more than that, but those are my favorites.

Happy sipping,

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Jun 24th, '06, 13:52
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Contact: jogrebe

by jogrebe » Jun 24th, '06, 13:52

No, I think the puerh that you got is real. There are two types of puerh, cooked (artificially aged) and raw which needs to be aged for years to naturally aged before its drinkable. For puerh its this aged raw puerh that costs a lot. Personally the puerh that I drink costs only $2 per 100g compressed tuo cha (bird nest shaped cake).

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Jun 24th, '06, 22:53
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by Pondocus » Jun 24th, '06, 22:53

Hey guys, thanks for the info.
I think you are right jogrebe, the look and flavour of the tea is similar to black tea rather than green tea. So it probably is the cooked variety. It is my first pu ehr tea, and if it is indicative of how this kind of tea normally tastes then I am looking forward to doing some more exploration into this tasty kind of tea.
thanks again.

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