May 11th, '09, 11:02
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Best Darjeeling white, 1st flush-current

by wh&yel-apprentice » May 11th, '09, 11:02

Looking for White Darjeeling (white tea processed), 1st flush, since there are Autumn flush white I have read.

Preferably 2009, but older vintages might be worth a try.

Want noticeable (ie, not so mild that only a super palate/experienced wh Darj drinker would notice) Muscatel flavor & *no* grassy green tea notes...tall order I know, but asking anyway :D.

Available, in stock, as of today: May 11, 2009.

I know wh Darj is scarce at present, and when it does show up on some sites, it's only a matter of a few days or weeks before they sell out. But if you know of any that match my qualifiers above, post them up :).

This one sounded good, but it's more or less a one time buy from thunderbolt, still listed on their site more than a year later :( :

Margaret's Hope White Pearls


May 16th, '09, 20:32
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by wh&yel-apprentice » May 16th, '09, 20:32

where are all of the white tea drinkers?

Even Adagio doesn't list harvest year/season, or whether or not this is truly a white tea process Darjeeling, if it is 1st flush.

tea that fuses the gentle sweetness of white with a boisterous touch of muscatel.
What exactly is 'boisterous' anyway, frame of reference? hype?

Experts, chime in with your knowledge?

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May 16th, '09, 20:56
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by murrius » May 16th, '09, 20:56

Tea Emporium ( has 2009 white darjeeling. Very good too in my view.

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by Chip » May 16th, '09, 22:34

I received a sample of a pretty unusual Darjeeling white from Singtom, 2009 FF. The source won't help much though, it was from a large wholesale distributor which I in turn received from some friends at Adagio.

May 16th, '09, 22:54
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by wh&yel-apprentice » May 16th, '09, 22:54

sorry, did not quote properly adagio:
Comprised solely of the tender unopened buds gathered in the second flush of early summer,
I'm looking for 1st flush, white tea process. Adagio's write up makes me think it's not truly white tea process, and mislabeled as a 'white' simply because of the variety/clone used in the makeup. You could have a oolong or such semi-oxidized processed 'white' variety Darjeeling too---not what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the recommendation mirrius, will check the link now. Does it have much of the characteristic muscatel aroma?

This is what I meant with regard to white tea process, explicitly detailed...otherwise, they could process it in a different manner (seen this on some other sites, ie different details on how the tea is processed, each tea master having perhaps a different technique, each estate can have a different methodology):

@teaemporium Arya estate white description:
The leafs are then spread very thinly in sunlight for about 4 hours to allow the moisture to be evaporated. About 8-12 leafs are rolled at a time in fine silk cloth for about 5-6 minutes to ensure a slight rupture of enzymes while retaining most of the "two leaf and a bud" shape of the leaf.
Sure wish they had 25g or 50g quantities, so I could purchase both to try as samples:
Disclaimer: Minimum order should be of $49 or 1Kg whichever is the highest, No Additional Shipping Charges.
have you tried both?

comparison of the 2 estates, if you have tried them Arya v Okatyi?

But you have to be careful there, neither of these is specifically listed as 2009 1st Flush. They could both be 2nd flush, from a year ago or *more*; just like the Adagio.

Really frustrating when vendors do not post up all of the details, so you know what you are really getting.

The *only* white tea in the '09 FF link is Margaret's Hope "Wonder", which doesn't specifically state how it was processed :( How many different white teas does MH produce, so many names.

Would guess the nearly colorless liquor Arya would be more subtle.

Thinking of just ordering the imperialtea Makaibari silver needles, as the owner emailed a reply to me stating it was FF from '08, I can get a 28g sample.

I'm not supposed to post links until another 3wks pass.

@darjeelingteaexclusive they list a Makaibari Imperial Silver Tips, not to be confused with just silver tips, they say :)...and harvest date???

while @silvertipstea they mention poor conditions for the '09 FF, not so with the 2ndF:
By the time it rained, most of the bushes had lost their early characteristics and the result was a more mature first flush with little of the pronounced green hue associated with the spring plucking. Samples usually arrive late March - this year it was a month late. We do, however, expect a wonderful 2nd flush season but it's been a trying beginning to the season. Both Darjeeling and Assam have shared the disappointment of the drought.

^^^reason I am seeking options, not wanting to spend $$$ and be disappointed. I might actually prefer those 1st Flush w/little of the pronounced green hue?

also on that site under the link 'Makaibari Tea Manufacture':

* The Makaibari harvest starts with the first flush in March and continues till November. The first day of the season, “Paila Pati” (first leaf) is usually celebrated with special gifts and blessings.
* Workers pick 90 acres of tea fields daily, covering the entire farm in 6 days.
* All the bushes are picked once a week from the commencement of harvest till its close in late Fall.
* Typically, about 200 women and 100 men pick the leaf daily.
* Makaibari employs about 600-625 workers each year. Together with their families, about 1100 people live at Makaibari.
* Makaibari produces Black, Green, Oolong, Silver Tips and White Tea.
* Tea grades include FTGFOP1S Leaf, TGBOP1 Brokens and GOF Fannings
* Limited Production teas are produced when conditions are ideal. These may include Silver Tips Imperial, Crystal Flush or Silver Tips Muscatel.
The Silver Tips Muscatel sounds interesting, wonder if anyone has posted a review, or ever tried it. I'll assume it's insanely expensive, but might be worth a special occasion tea if there is a 'boisterous' muscatel to it. And even here, no mention of whether or not this is a white tea clone/varietal and/or processed...notice it says production consists of "Silver Tips and White Tea" ^^^?

Currently @silvertipstea only lists, under white tea link for India, '08 Makaibari Silver Tips, a SF, not FF...and yet again, no mention of how it was processed...really frustrating trying to get all the details down on these various teas :( ...'bangs head against brick wall' icon?

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