First Adagio Taste - Mintastic

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May 17th, '09, 01:07
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First Adagio Taste - Mintastic

by deezy » May 17th, '09, 01:07

So I've just made my first cup of Mintastic tea. I got my water boiling and poured in the infused ball glass and let it steep for 4mins. This is my first time with Tea (other than southern sweet iced tea) but it seems very bland and just like warm water tasting. However, after a couple of seconds I can sense the mint aroma for a short time (almost like I just brushed my teeth kind of thing). Is this what I should expect as far as taste goes? I was hoping tea would have a strong taste.

Thanks for all replies.

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May 17th, '09, 01:13
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by Cinnamon Kitty » May 17th, '09, 01:13

Mintastic should be fine with boiling water. How much leaf were you using and how big is your cup? To make the brew stronger tasting, try either steeping it for longer or adding more tea leaves. Maybe try two heaping teaspoons of leaf for about 7 minutes to get something stronger.

Any type of mint herbal should not be bland.

May 17th, '09, 23:37
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by deezy » May 17th, '09, 23:37

Ok i'll give it another try and post results. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt expecting a taste like I had imagined it would be like.

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