May 19th, '09, 14:44
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Running before I can Crawl!!!

by Tearista » May 19th, '09, 14:44

I have been in love with tea, since i was a teen. Now I am planning to open up my own tea bar. Serving hot and cool tea beverages. I was wondering if I am running before I can crawl? I have been doing my studying about all different types of teas and how to brew and blend them. I have already have my business plan and grant letters ready to go. Checked out several different locations. Just wanted to know if there is any good advice out there for me.

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May 19th, '09, 20:04
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by Sydney » May 19th, '09, 20:04

Have you worked in the food/beverage service industry? If not, I'd say rack up some experience if at all possible before taking the dive.

Management and life experience are also quite helpful.

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May 19th, '09, 22:41
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by gingkoseto » May 19th, '09, 22:41

In my opinion, to do tea business, knowing business is by far more important than knowing tea. If you love tea and wouldn't mind losing money in the business, then you can jump in anytime. But if you can't afford losing too much money, then probably you need to spending some time studying the market before making significant investment.

May 20th, '09, 13:00
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by Tearista » May 20th, '09, 13:00

i do have experience in management in the food service industry. My degree is in education and don't really know much about business or marketing tea.

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