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May 25th, '09, 21:06
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Found something in my Bai Mu Dan that shouldn't be there...

by tourmaline » May 25th, '09, 21:06

I'm kind of upset. I just bought some Bai Mu Dan from a reputable seller that I've bought from before, and as I spooned out some leaves to brew...I found a pubic hair(!).

Is this to be expected with artisan teas or do I have a right to be upset (I'm deeply grossed out by it, obviously)? I know that in modern America we have standards of cleanliness when it comes to food service that a small tea farmer in rural China likely does not abide by. I don't necessarily feel angry at the seller, which is a small American tea company, but I just feel really grossed out. Am I overreacting? And can I really bring myself to use the 100 grams of tea I purchased now??? I'm not sure...Anyone have similar experiences or any thoughts?

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May 25th, '09, 21:50
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by scruffmcgruff » May 25th, '09, 21:50

It's extremely common actually, and not that surprising considering how much human physical activity is involved in processing tea. Don't worry about it though, a hair (it isn't necessarily a pubic hair btw, more likely a arm/leg hair :D ) is really the least of your worries! Other things found in bags of tea include dead bugs, rocks, cigarette butts, bits of concrete, etc. Still, nothing dangerous. I'll bet you've brewed hairs before and just not realized it.

Sometimes I feel like it's a good thing too; it reminds us that there are real people farming and crafting these teas, and it's not just the enlightened/spiritual/esoteric stuff we like to imagine.

It is shocking the first time though! Welcome to the club. :lol:

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May 25th, '09, 22:24
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by Victoria » May 25th, '09, 22:24

If it helps, as Scruff noted, it is more likely another type of hair. Possible even animal or some type of a bristle from a natural brush that got shaped and rolled along with the tea. It's out now, the rest is fine, relax and try not to think about it.

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May 25th, '09, 22:29
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by tourmaline » May 25th, '09, 22:29

Thanks so much, Scruff, that makes me feel ALOT better. I just had a gut reaction to the "ick" factor of it and had to vent. I do love the tea and will continue to enjoy it. :wink:

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May 25th, '09, 22:31
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by tourmaline » May 25th, '09, 22:31

Thanks Victoria, I am banishing the thought of any future pubes! lol
It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who has found "things."
Have a nice night!

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May 25th, '09, 23:18
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by sneakers » May 25th, '09, 23:18

I buy from a very reputable palace and found a tiny pebble today. Not a big deal.

May 26th, '09, 10:36
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by t4texas » May 26th, '09, 10:36

Just think of it as bonus protein.

May 26th, '09, 12:22
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by silvermage2000 » May 26th, '09, 12:22

I do agree that is not very pleasant never had anything like that happen.

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Jun 14th, '09, 20:09
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by Sam. » Jun 14th, '09, 20:09

I've never found anything strange like that in my tea, and I'm hoping that that means there wasn't anything there. The idea of inadvertently brewing a hair or something else bothers me.

Jun 14th, '09, 21:04
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by Ebtoulson » Jun 14th, '09, 21:04

o yes...finding hair in you tea. About half a year ago I found a wad of hair in some yunnan gold, after I already had a glass :shock: . As of today I still can drink any yunnan gold, the smell just makes me noxious.

Jun 14th, '09, 21:24
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by Proinsias » Jun 14th, '09, 21:24

Hey tourmaline! I'm drinking oolong from the gaiwan in your avatar as I type :D

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Jun 19th, '09, 16:14
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by sriracha » Jun 19th, '09, 16:14

I've found little sticks and small stones in bags of Twinings Earl Grey a couple of times. I wasn't disgusted but a tiny bit annoyed that their quality control isn't better.

Today I found a head hair in a tin of veggie "meat" I was going to fry up for dinner.
Which I eventually did, after getting the *ew!* reaction under control.

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Jun 20th, '09, 00:31
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by Elarya » Jun 20th, '09, 00:31

I would not think too much of it. Think about beans - I cannot tell you how many times I find stones in them.. Not the same thing, but the way I look at it- I have never read about any mass sickness resulting from tea. But I know what you mean - it is more the thought of it. I would just try not to think about it and occupy yourself with something else until the thoughts pass.

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Jun 20th, '09, 13:16
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by brad4419 » Jun 20th, '09, 13:16

No experience here with longer black hairs but have found small hairs like arm or animal fur, string and in my bai mu dan a longer piece of rubber.

Its an interesting surprise that I think I even enjoy looking through my used leaves to see what's hiding.

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Jun 20th, '09, 20:08
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by TIM » Jun 20th, '09, 20:08

White peony is one of the most common/popular white tea in China. Amost like puerh in the 70s, cheap and widely accessible. So, like puerh, because of it labour to process, people will find all range of stuff in it.

For me, good white peony is very hard to find... But if you do find it, it will be the best in white tea catagory. Specially brew cold.

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