Chris is back!

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Apr 19th, '06, 18:01
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Chris is back!

by chris » Apr 19th, '06, 18:01

Ok, only sorta back... While I've been checking TeaChat somewhat frequently, I've been devoting virtually all my waking hours (and most of the time I shoulda been sleeping) to the creation of a new concept tea store.

Since I've left Adagio, I've been working on building the Tavalon Tea Bar in NYC. We're aiming to infuse tea with pop culture in a healthy and exciting way. How, you ask? We've got a DJ booth, fresh, young design and innovative blends of tea.

To make a long... long.... long story short (and not to promote another tea company too much-- I know I hated that when I was moderating!), we're announcing our grand opening to take place on April 28th.

I'd love to meet you all -- drop by soon and ask for me!

See you all soon,

Chris Cason

(ps.... If you have any further questions, please email me-- chris at tavalon dot com... I don't want to drag this along on TeaChat too long out of my deep respect for the guys at Adagio)

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Apr 20th, '06, 10:10
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by klemptor » Apr 20th, '06, 10:10

Chris!!! :)

I missed you! I'm glad to see things are going well for you and best of luck for your grand opening.

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Apr 20th, '06, 22:11
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by peachaddict » Apr 20th, '06, 22:11

Best of luck, Chris :D . You've been missed, man :cry: . Glad to hear from you again! Again, best of luck. Gotta get to NY!

Apr 25th, '06, 11:53
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by jzero » Apr 25th, '06, 11:53

Chris who?

I'll have to check it out next time I'm in NYC, which will probably not be until June or even July to see Threepenny Opera.

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Apr 25th, '06, 12:11
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by Parelle » Apr 25th, '06, 12:11

A new tea place - great! I'll have to stop by the next time I'm in NYC.

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Jul 3rd, '06, 11:08
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by teaspoon » Jul 3rd, '06, 11:08

Doh! I'm late! How did I miss this thread???

I miss Chris. (Nothing personal, Richard.)


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Jul 3rd, '06, 11:23
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by keelyn » Jul 3rd, '06, 11:23

Union Sq? Awesome! I go there everytime I visit nyc anyway! See you there!

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Jul 9th, '06, 09:18
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by Madam Potts » Jul 9th, '06, 09:18

Seeing as he's started the plug, let me add that I have been to Tavalon numerous times and I love going back for more! The tea (of course) is excellent and the DJ spinnin' grooves is a very cool touch.

If you're lucky you can say hi to Mr. Chris

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