White tea may reduce obesity

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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May 2nd, '09, 14:42
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White tea may reduce obesity

by JP » May 2nd, '09, 14:42

Researchers have found that white tea contains slimming substances.

http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/ ... 042909.php

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May 2nd, '09, 23:53
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by brad4419 » May 2nd, '09, 23:53

Thanks for posting JP I like reading the ever growing benefits of tea.

Its great to see all this research on tea but to say "White tea the solution to the obesidy epidemic" is a little over the top, though attention grabing.

They make it sound like only the "tea extract" will cure obesity when its more likely that the impact will be much less dramatic and without proper diet and excersise the effect wont matter. Although it is great to hear our white tea may help us more than we thought umm it is delicious.

Now Im off to drink some white tea and have 5 big macs :wink:

May 3rd, '09, 10:18
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by silvermage2000 » May 3rd, '09, 10:18

Thats pretty interesting ifo.

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May 6th, '09, 06:45
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by Faramir1976 » May 6th, '09, 06:45

The components in tea do elevate the thermogenesis of the body (burning more calories) but don't expect any miracles.
It can aid but maily focus on healthy living.

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May 28th, '09, 10:58
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by Samovar » May 28th, '09, 10:58

Does flavored white tea fit into this category?


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May 28th, '09, 12:30
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by brad4419 » May 28th, '09, 12:30

Samovar wrote:Does flavored white tea fit into this category?

As long as its got white tea leaf then it should have the same benefits as white tea alone, as well as whatever benefits the flavoring offers.

Im not really sure how freshness affects the benefits :?: If its old and the oils are mostly gone it might not be as healthy and certainly not as tasty.

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May 28th, '09, 14:41
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by tea-guy » May 28th, '09, 14:41

Until studies include all types of "tea" from Camelia Sinensis and includes information on studies between the benefits of loose versus bagged teas as well as particular varietal data and source/origin info... I'm not sure these studies will mean much to me.

Topically, I will say that diet and exercise are the only way to lose weight and keep it off. The multi-billion dollar a year industry in selling quick diet fads may help a few people lose some weight... but they'll simply gain it right back if they don't make the necessary lifestyle changes.

I believe tea should be an included part of that lifestyle regimen though. :-) It helps you take the time to relax. :-)

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May 29th, '09, 01:19
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by silverneedles » May 29th, '09, 01:19


"White tea -- the solution to the obesity epidemic?"

jump to conclusions fast enough from one study?

"ideal natural source of slimming substances"

bs alert #2

human pre-adipocytes
& creation of new adipocytes

vs the "theory" of fixed # of adipocytes...

"prompting existing adipocytes to break down the fat they contain".
and ? so what ?
stress hormones do that as well. and you get a high number of free fatty acids circulating in your blood that can get oxidized and deposited elsewhere like your blood vessels, liver, unless they're consumed

"fat incorporation during the genesis of new adipocytes was reduced"

i'm pretty sure they could have tested their theory otherwise - like feeding/injecting a bunch of really PHAT rats this miracle extract of white tea and see how it cures their iatrogenic obesity "epidemic"...
and include some photographic evidence
mmm... parmigiano

Jul 11th, '09, 17:53
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by Juliaichka » Jul 11th, '09, 17:53

I'm new around here, but this seems to be an interesting post. The info in that link was informative. I do however tend to agree with Tea-Guy.... I think it needs to be a lifestyle thing more than anything. I am sure it does help as I've lost a few pounds myself after getting interested in different teas :) But in the end we can't live on Tea alone.

Does anyone know if you can make Iced Tea with White Tea? Have you tried it?

Julia :D

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Jul 17th, '09, 10:21
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by Artemis » Jul 17th, '09, 10:21

Yay! :lol: We should have white tea hooked up to every water fountain in the US. Hell, we could probably just switch over to white tea for everything. I think it wood be oddly calming to have white tea baths and white tea tea. I could probably soak up more adipocytes and get skinny!

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