Tracking Purchases of Signature Blends?

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Jun 17th, '09, 22:14
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Tracking Purchases of Signature Blends?

by Dronak » Jun 17th, '09, 22:14

With the relatively new additions of chai teas (a favorite of mine), I decided to make a few blends to create some other flavors I thought might be good. I was curious to know if there's any way we can track the purchases of our blends. I think it would be helpful in finding out which of our blends are popular -- information that could be useful in adjusting our blends so we can make other ones that people will enjoy. So is there a way to see number of purchases (or some equivalent metric) for signature blends, and if not, would Adagio consider something like this? Thanks.

Edit: Looks like I wrote too soon. While doing some other things, I just found out that the customer profile pages we can access through posts here have a tab for signature blends, and it says there how many points each blend has earned. This is the kind of thing I was looking for. Maybe I'll bookmark my profile for quick access to the information.