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Jun 25th, '09, 00:12
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Republic of Tea "Emperor's 100% White Tea" Teabag

by beachape » Jun 25th, '09, 00:12 ... ?navID=298

I never much cared for white tea. Tried white peony, and silver needle but they always tasted flat too me. This tea tasted almost of fruity pebbles (the cereal) but in a good way. I don't care for teabags so I never ventured to buy more. Has anyone tried this tea and found a loose leaf with similar flavor?[/quote]

Jul 3rd, '09, 04:24
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by inspectoring » Jul 3rd, '09, 04:24

My friend - you really have not tried white tea until you try Rishi's Silver needle....

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Jul 17th, '09, 10:22
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by Artemis » Jul 17th, '09, 10:22

Silver needle smells (and tastes) like hay.

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