Blood orange - bitter

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Jul 10th, '09, 10:54
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Blood orange - bitter

by Artemis » Jul 10th, '09, 10:54

I'm having problems brewing my herbal blood orange without it becoming too tart or bitter. I've tried following the instructions according to the tin, but it still comes out pretty tart. Should I switch to cherry or strawberry for a better (sweeter) fruit note?

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Jul 27th, '09, 20:08
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Re: Blood orange - bitter

by Chester Copperpot » Jul 27th, '09, 20:08

Haven't tried the cherry or strawberry teas on their own (have had strawberry in blends, though), but I'd bet strawberry would be a lot less tart than the blood orange. My favorite herbal tea is "peach tranquility" from Teavana (*gasp! I know. I hate their store practices, but I haven't been able to find a comparable peach herbal anywhere else): dried peaches, chamomile, sunflower petals and rosehips! Love it... But I'm getting off topic! :lol:
Again, I'd go with the strawberry, or make your own blend and put in a smaller percentage of blood orange and maybe some lemongrass or other stuff that you like. Hope this helps a bit! :D

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Aug 2nd, '09, 11:04
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Re: Blood orange - bitter

by Cinnamon Kitty » Aug 2nd, '09, 11:04

I would first try steeping it for less than the 5 to 7 minutes suggested on the tin. Generally steeping for a longer time than necessary makes things bitter. If that doesn't work and you still want something blood orange and herbal, I would head on over to the New Mexico Tea Co and try the Blood Orange Rooibos. That stuff is awesome and only becomes bitter if you steep it for 30 minutes.

Though I haven't tried the blood orange from Adagio yet, I love the strawberry. If you like the cherry and strawberry better and can't get the orange to work, you could always blend the orange with either of those to balance the tartness or just drink the ones that you like instead of drinking one that you just can't get to brew correctly.

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