Tea Places in New York

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Sep 6th, '06, 07:48
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Tea Places in New York

by Aeyal » Sep 6th, '06, 07:48

You can see my ongoing review project of tea places in New York


Oct 15th, '06, 11:22
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by Bench » Oct 15th, '06, 11:22

Have you added Tavalon Tea Bar to your list of Tea places in New York?

I'm not a tea drinker but my wife brought me to this tea bar on Manhattan and I must say that every sip of their tea is a WOW.

It definitely converted me.

Tavalon Tea Bar
22E 14th St.
Between 5th Ave and University

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Oct 15th, '06, 16:14
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Tea in NY

by metsl0ver » Oct 15th, '06, 16:14

If you ever want to get away from the city for tea, take a ride out to Stony Brook on Long Island. The town has a quaint little british style tea room, named Robinson's Tea Room. They serve excellent scones.

Oct 17th, '06, 13:05
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by jzero » Oct 17th, '06, 13:05

And hey - former Adagio employee, reknowned author, and all-around good guy Chris Cason has a finger in the Tavalon pie.

Nov 5th, '06, 18:25
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by diffuse » Nov 5th, '06, 18:25

I was just @ Tavalon on Friday, & found the service to be pushy to the extreme. Every time I so much as picked up something to look @, the cashier would suggest 3 other things that I might also like. Ugh.

Lately I'm liking Alice's Tea Cup--I wouldn't want to be there on a weekend, though.

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Nov 19th, '06, 19:45
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by chris » Nov 19th, '06, 19:45


Friday's my (only) day off at tavalon, so the cashiers must've made it "pushy friday." Ah, well ...when the cat's away!

All joking aside, I've really tried to infuse my passion for tea to all of my employees, so it probably wasn't that they were trying to push a bigger sale, rather that they were excited to share with your their passion for our teas. Hope your next trip will reinforce this - and let me know when you're stopping by so I can share a cup of tea with you!

Thanks for stopping by,


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Aug 7th, '07, 16:32
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by lovintea » Aug 7th, '07, 16:32

I haven't gone around NYC for different tea shop...but as of right now I really like TenRen...not the bubble tea one but the original one. I think they have really good tea.

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