Jul 14th, '09, 04:27
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FDA Regulations questions.....

by chintufat » Jul 14th, '09, 04:27

Ok so the question is this. I am in the process of starting a tea bar, and tea line. I have a question, so if anyone can help i would really appreciate it.

So I want to know what the rules are if I buy tea in bulk from a vendor, and I repackage the tea into smaller amounts, what are the rules and regulations. I won't be altering any the tea, i just want to know if there is any FDA requirements I need to repackage the tea for resell.

The reason I am asking this is because I want to use several different vendors, and want to keep my packaging consistent, so I wanted to buy in bulk and do my own repackaging since all the different vendors have different packaging.

Thanks in advance.......


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Aug 3rd, '09, 12:47
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Re: FDA Regulations questions.....

by tea-guy » Aug 3rd, '09, 12:47

If you plan on retaining Kosher or USDA Organic labels on your teas, you may run into a few costly hurdles. Otherwise I don't foresee any real issues for you.

You will be subject to the standard health handling of food and human consumable materials... especially thanks to some new legislation going through congress to allow such oversight.

That being the case, talk to a restaurant or teahouse outside your target market. They're usually more forthcoming with competetive analysis than someone after the same selection of clients.

I would also look into teaming up with a local SCORE representative.


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