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May 29th, '09, 11:29
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by hooksie » May 29th, '09, 11:29

Straightforward and outright, I'm impressed.

I've been shopping at Adagio for almost half a year now and can say that you folks know what you are doing.

I continue to be impressed by the little things, which I was reminded of with yesterday's shipment when I found a free bottle of AnTeaDote included in my order. This follows up on previous orders which have totaled a number of free samplers being sneaked into my shipments over the months. In the beginning, I was convinced to place an order through a $5 gift certificate. If it wasn't for that offer, I most likely wouldn't be here writing this (or have purchased all of what I have).

On the note of shipping, I continually get my orders the next day* after purchase. Very impressive. The shipping prices are always a pleasure to deal with compared to other sellers.

* Admittedly I do live somewhat close (Rhode Island) to their distribution center.

For the few times I have needed to talk to customer service, I was always well met and more than accommodated. It really is a pleasure as opposed to a hassle like so many stores are.

The site is easy to use and I never felt as though a product was trying to be shoved down my throat.

I may not have fancied every tea I bought from Adagio (everyone has their tastes), but I can not say I feel like I was ever sold an inferior product for what I was paying.

Seriously - keep it up Adagio.

(And thanks for the AnTeaDote. :mrgreen: )
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May 29th, '09, 12:34
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by iannon » May 29th, '09, 12:34

I agree! shipping quick and prompt to TN. Quality has been good. I like the website for the most part. and I really like the custom blending you can do. I dont use it for my own personal teas but I use it a lot for my Wife and my Daughter. They love the teas blends i make especially for each one of them!

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Jun 10th, '09, 11:09
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by depravitea » Jun 10th, '09, 11:09

Agreed! 100%.
I'm very happy I started buying tea here. Thanks to Agagio I have been able to try many different teas from all over the world and not become a pauper in the process. I log onto Adagio and Teachat every day, even if I'm not buying any tea, or have anything to say (or more likely ask.) This is a great online store and a great little community. I've asked many questions here, on this site, and none of them have been answered with sarcasm, made me feel like I was intruding on some clique, and no one has made me feel like or a cretin for not already knowing the answer. Adagio also manages to throw a sample of something into the majority of my shipments, and that's a pretty cool (and smart) thing for them to do.
I really appreciate it.

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Jul 17th, '09, 10:44
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by Artemis » Jul 17th, '09, 10:44

I really enjoy Adagio too! The layout was simple, easy to use, and very user friendly (especially for a beginner).

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Jul 18th, '09, 02:45
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by MisterPanda » Jul 18th, '09, 02:45

Naturally I second (or third or fourth) the adagio=awesome theory here :)

Adagio offers great tea at reasonable prices. But not only that, they do it with style, passion, and amazing customer service. I've had an issue here and there, but customer service has always gone above and beyond to make things right.

Honestly they are simply a great business. And frankly, its a good idea to be so caring, otherwise I wouldn't waste the time trying to convince all my friends/family to purchase their products. Sometimes you buy a product from a company because it is there on the shelf, and seems good enough. Then there are those special products from special companies that you buy because you are passionate about them. Lifetime customer loyalty is inspired by the kinds of products and services offered by Adagio.

Keep on keeping on Adagio!

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