Mixing Herbal and Black Tea

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Aug 31st, '06, 12:07
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Mixing Herbal and Black Tea

by rhpot1991 » Aug 31st, '06, 12:07

I have attempted to mix herbal and black tea in order to make a nice flavored iced tea before, now this didn't turn out too well. The tea was rather watered down in flavor. Has anyone had any luck doing this, if so what mixture of tea did you use?


Aug 31st, '06, 13:24
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by PlantFan » Aug 31st, '06, 13:24

i haven't actually tried doing that but if i did, i would try using the same amount of black tea that i would if i was just making a batch of just that and add herbals to it. I'm not sure how that would turn out, but that's what i'd try. good luck!

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Aug 31st, '06, 21:19
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by daughteroftheKing » Aug 31st, '06, 21:19

I usually use the same amount of base tea (whether it's a black, white, or green) as I do when making a cup (or pot) of just that tea. Then combine it with about half of the normal amount of the herbal. That works pretty well for me.
Still too weak for you? -- Try increasing the herbal.

If one tea normally calls for a different temperature than the other, use the lower temp (better to risk a little less fullness in flavor than to have a bitter taste from too much heat). Same goes for the steep time.

But it's all subject to experimentation! Hopefully you'll find a combination you like.

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Sep 1st, '06, 22:31
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by Jasmine Green » Sep 1st, '06, 22:31

I agree. I use the same amount of green or black tea then add the herbal on top of it. I like adding Teavana's Rooibos Tropica to my jasmine green.

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Sep 28th, '06, 14:02
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by Madam Potts » Sep 28th, '06, 14:02

This really depends on what "herbal" you are using.

I have played a lot more in the last 3 months with mixing herbals and black teas, with a lot of success. If you are interested in a particular herbal mix, particular taste, or a particular black tea, email me: madpotsoftea@aol.com

blending teas is quickly becoming more than a hobby for me and I'd love to share with you what I do!

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