Let us know if you've found the perfect product for Adagio to sell.

Oct 9th, '06, 15:05
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by Michael_C » Oct 9th, '06, 15:05

Why doesn't Adagio (or nearly ANYBODY else) sell mugicha (barley tea)? It's super popular in Japan, and for a good reason - it kicks butt! How about it, Adagio?

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Oct 9th, '06, 15:49
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by Carnelian » Oct 9th, '06, 15:49

There's actually another topic about that.
I'm interested in mugicha, but I'd be more apt to try it if adagio carried it

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Oct 11th, '06, 16:45
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by filiagro » Oct 11th, '06, 16:45

I think sells barley tea. Not positive.

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