Jan 9th, '09, 12:51
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Makes me sick too

by scottc » Jan 9th, '09, 12:51

There is a tea from Teavana called "Rooibos Sweet Amore" that makes me feel sick when I smell it. I like the taste ok but there is something about the smell that just makes me feel sick at my stomach :?

Mar 27th, '09, 10:54
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ooooooooolong soo nauseous right now!

by icameasaRat » Mar 27th, '09, 10:54

yeah...I just drank my first glass of oolong, and although it is pretty early and I have yet to eat which is probably a big factor, i am SOO nauseous right now. that's how i found this site actually, I was trying to see if anyone else had this problem.

I'm an avid coffee drinker, although I love a lot of different teas, and have decided to completely switch from coffee to tea, so I don't see how it could be too strong for my system or anything..

anyway, I feel absolutely awful right now..hope this passes and hope it's not just oolong...because i bought two boxes!


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Mar 27th, '09, 11:24
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by Chip » Mar 27th, '09, 11:24


Usually does the trick for me...what oolong?

Mar 27th, '09, 13:04
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by icameasaRat » Mar 27th, '09, 13:04

to the question of "what type of oolong" i looked on the box and could not find any information about the specifics, if it was a light or dark oolong..etc. but thats probably because it is just H.E.B. brand that i bought at central market.

it was good though and yes, i finally ate, and that was definitely the problem i think..
later i will drink some with food in my tummy to test this out.

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May 23rd, '09, 21:37
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by Luthier » May 23rd, '09, 21:37

i know i cant take too much flower teas or very aromatic ones like sheng tky. i think i cant take tky at all because i observed i will get allergies on my fingers and palms. that somehow happens when i take tky even sho type also. its the ones i have and also i did try drinking ones at teahouses. same thing. nothing wrong when i stick to puer or liupao and also huangjingui because i get nothing fishy drinking them everyday. :roll:

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May 23rd, '09, 23:39
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by CutieAgouti » May 23rd, '09, 23:39

Surprised that a lot of folks get an upset stomach from TKY. Although I just started it so maybe I haven't had too many varieties yet.

Gyokuro always makes me nauseated. I can do two ounces but after that I feel icky. Strange since I handle cups of matcha in a day...

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May 24th, '09, 00:35
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by woozl » May 24th, '09, 00:35

i reckon if it bothers me don't inbibe

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May 24th, '09, 10:14
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by Luthier » May 24th, '09, 10:14

i didnt get upset stomach but it appears on my fingers. allergic reaction forming something like tiny blisters. similar to those who are allergic to seafoods.

Aug 1st, '09, 17:49
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Re: Do you ever get nauseous from certain kinds of tea?

by Love4TheLeaf » Aug 1st, '09, 17:49

This is kind of an ongoing problem with me. It really depends on the day and how I'm feeling but sometimes I just can't stomach tea.

I have noticed it tends to coincide with the times when I'm just not thinking and I use a little too much leaf and/or steep a bit too long. I believe I'm oversteeping some teas.

Assam, in particular seems too strong for my stomach. Fortunately, the nausea isn't too bad and doesn't last too long if I stop drinking whatever it is right away but it's very unpleasant and can completely ruin a session.

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Aug 1st, '09, 21:37
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Re: Do you ever get nauseous from certain kinds of tea?

by Victoria » Aug 1st, '09, 21:37

I have only had it happen with green tea on an empty stomach.
It's no fun that for sure.

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Aug 2nd, '09, 06:14
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Re: Do you ever get nauseous from certain kinds of tea?

by reincarnate » Aug 2nd, '09, 06:14

I don't get nauseous from teas that have rose petals, but I've had this one tea that was made entirely of rose buds and I found that I couldn't drink it, because it made me feel a bit sick. I think it also had to do a lot with the smell.

May 13th, '11, 13:25
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Re: Do you ever get nauseous from certain kinds of tea?

by mohassan » May 13th, '11, 13:25

I like the reply about the pH of the tea. I sometimes feel nauseous when a drink two or three cups of pure black or green tea (no flavor, no fruit, no flowers), more so on a relatively empty stomach, and I think the brands make a difference too.

Now I'm not sure how to figure out if the tea is basic or acidic. I'm guessing its usually basic because it does not feel like heartburn its just stomach discomfort and nausea. Comments? Is there a way the symptoms can tell you if its basic or acidic so I know if I should brink OJ or Milk to help?

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May 13th, '11, 15:05
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Re: Do you ever get nauseous from certain kinds of tea?

by Stentor » May 13th, '11, 15:05

mohassan wrote:Now I'm not sure how to figure out if the tea is basic or acidic.

Get pH indicator strips and stick one in the tea.
I've been meaning to do some pH testing myself but haven't managed to get pH test strips yet.

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May 13th, '11, 22:43
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Re: Do you ever get nauseous from certain kinds of tea?

by chingwa » May 13th, '11, 22:43

Green tea gives me the shakes if I don't have food within a certain period of time. not sure how healthy this is as I enjoy the tea too much to stop. Can't recall ever getting sick or nauseous from tea though...

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May 16th, '11, 22:25
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Re: Do you ever get nauseous from certain kinds of tea?

by FlyedPiper » May 16th, '11, 22:25

Shu puerhs for the most part make me sick. I have found exceptions, but I have to be very careful, as it is extremely unpleasant if drink the wrong one. Shengs, no problem so far, although I haven't tried the really old stuff.

Other than that tea can make me nauseous sometimes on an empty stomach, especially in the morning. As I am not a wake up and eat immediately person I found keeping some cookies around and choking a couple down with the first morning cup(s) helps a lot.

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