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Oct 17th, '05, 18:16
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Blog Skins

by ilya » Oct 17th, '05, 18:16

For the past few weeks, we have been creating Adagio blogger templates. We are close to rolling it out, but need some beta testers to ensure that everything works properly. Aside from being able to skin your blogger account with a nice template, we have included two interesting features:

- banner that allows your users to automatically receive complimentary $5 Adagio gift certificates (and credits you 10 frequent cup points when redeemed).

- Your own chat window that mirrors, and allows users to participate, in the conversation on TeaChat IM

The templates can be found at: Blogger Skins

If you have any questions about skinning your blogger account, send me a Private Messege with your questions/suggestions.

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Oct 17th, '05, 19:19
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by Tadiera » Oct 17th, '05, 19:19

I will definitely give it a try on my blog. :)

I think it looks good: Serenity's Kitchen

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Oct 23rd, '05, 13:53
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by teamuse » Oct 23rd, '05, 13:53

wow...those look really nice. very clean and wonderful.

too bad i use word press and the code isn't exactly cut and paste :?

maybe, tinkering is in order if i have time. i would really enjoy that layout on my own page. and it would give a delightful sense of irony since i love (and prefer) tea but work at a coffee shop :D

Nov 21st, '05, 20:34
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by AnnaAult » Nov 21st, '05, 20:34

Cool skins. :) I switched my blog over to it - took a little tweaking to reset my links and stuff, but worth it in the end. I love the teapot and steam.

Of course my blog has nothing to do with tea. Not that stopped me from linking adagio ages ago. *lol*



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Nov 3rd, '06, 03:24
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by heatwaves » Nov 3rd, '06, 03:24

I often come here to get keen insights and recommendations for new teas or just to chat with like-minded tea addicts. This time, however, I thought it would be a good place to look for loan information. Any ideas?

Ok... bad joke.

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Nov 3rd, '06, 09:06
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by klemptor » Nov 3rd, '06, 09:06

I know, for real.

Nov 3rd, '06, 09:29
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by Amanda » Nov 3rd, '06, 09:29

now I feel like I can't remove the loan thing...

oh well - military loans for everyone!!!

not an issuer of TEAloans

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Nov 3rd, '06, 10:54
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by klemptor » Nov 3rd, '06, 10:54

Amanda wrote:-Amanda
not an issuer of TEAloans
I'd love tea loans. "Hey buddy, spare some gyokuro?"

Nov 3rd, '06, 11:36
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by Amanda » Nov 3rd, '06, 11:36

only if I get the leaves back for the second infusion...

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Nov 3rd, '06, 11:58
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by Chip » Nov 3rd, '06, 11:58

...well there are T-Bills...might as well be T-loans.
The timing is perfect...I am really low on sencha and cash. I was wondering if you could hook me up with a T payday loan or T equity loan (all that tea I have sitting around) or a used T leaf loan...and for some really good gyokuru that costs major $$$, a T mortgage.

Oct 14th, '07, 17:00
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by d313rium » Oct 14th, '07, 17:00

So, I had a blogger blog with the Adagio skin, and I'm starting a new wordpress blog. I would like to be able to use the 'free gift certificate' link in wordpress, but I'm having lots of difficulties. I tried copying/pasting the code into the 'code' section of an individual entry, and no luck. I remember another discussion about that code but I'm having difficulties finding it. Any help?

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