Tea Catering

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Jun 7th, '09, 11:14
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Tea Catering

by Dollycakes » Jun 7th, '09, 11:14

Would like to start catering teas for different occasions. I don't really know how to start or what to charge. Would my making sandwiches, pastries, etc. in my kitchen and transporting them to where the tea is held be a violation of any food handling regulations? I have such a passion for tea and would love to share it with others and maybe introduce those not familiar with tea to learn to love it.

I just need some advice and suggestions. I tried picking the brain of a woman who had done this in her city but she was reluctant to give me anything that would help me.

Thank you.

Aug 25th, '09, 16:05
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Re: Tea Catering

by leescpl » Aug 25th, '09, 16:05

Tea Traditions started out of the home. http://www.ttraditions.com
They provide catered tea parties in home or offices.
Depending on your area you can rent commercial kitchen space, especially in these "hard Times".

You should look at what you are providing. Home baked goods, fresh sandwiches, and possibly nice china. You should demand a fair yet premium price.

Always look for parties the right size between 10 and 35 people. Over or under that can be a loser if you don't charge enough or don't haqve enough people.
Be sure to consider clean up and packing as china is delicate.

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