Chris...How do you properly clean the IntelliTea?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jul 9th 05 1:31 pm

Chris...How do you properly clean the IntelliTea?

by Vikki » Jul 9th 05 1:31 pm

I posted the following at the Feedback group the other day but there were no replies...can you help out?

I am new to tea drinking, specifically green tea. Received my green tea samples and IntelliTea infuser but cannot figure out the proper way to clean the filter. It's starting to get a stained look to it and also appears to have a divet or indentation on a small part of the mesh.

I gently remove the leaves when done and then continue to rinse with filtered water until there is no residue but is there anything I can do to prevent any bacteria growth?

Any information would be appreciated...Kislanya

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Jul 9th 05 6:21 pm
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by Marlene » Jul 9th 05 6:21 pm

Do you mean the IngenuiTEA? If so, here are some ideas.
There isn't much you can do about the divit, sorry. If it's getting stained, one thing you can do is use an oxygen cleaner i.e. Oxyclean. If you want to scrub it out, that's a little more trickey, and risky too. Whatever you do, don't pop it in the dishwasher. I know it's diswasher safe...but your filter will never be the same. Mine had so much gunk in it untill I did this:
Pop off the bottom clear plastic thingy using a flat head screwdriver. Be firm, use even pressure, and be gentle. Once you have that off, use some tweesers to get the little rubber ball out of the valve. Then use Q-tips or pipe cleaners to clean out the chamber there. Put the rubber ball all the way onto the post sticking out from the clear plastic thingy you removed, then put it all back together.
This is a last resort! You might end up breaking the little sucker if you do this, so be sure that this is what you want to do!
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Jul 9th 05 7:23 pm

Cleaning, etc..

by Vikki » Jul 9th 05 7:23 pm

Thank you for the reply...I will try the OxyClean...not going to make an attempt at taking it apart. I have done things like that in the past and ended up with alot of pieces, most of them broken!

Like your signature line about the tea cozy....interesting visual..thanks again.