Site Mirrored?

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Sep 21st, '09, 12:20
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Site Mirrored?

by Intuit » Sep 21st, '09, 12:20

On searching for a teachat post, I found the teachat forum mirrored to a website,

Is this legit?

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Sep 21st, '09, 12:28
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Re: Site Mirrored?

by Chip » Sep 21st, '09, 12:28

Interesting, likely legit.

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Sep 21st, '09, 12:50
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Re: Site Mirrored?

by geeber1 » Sep 21st, '09, 12:50

Why is that?

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Sep 21st, '09, 13:03
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Re: Site Mirrored?

by Victoria » Sep 21st, '09, 13:03

I think it has to do with the European site. At least that's my guess, since I found it before too, when looking at the UK site.

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Sep 21st, '09, 22:35
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Re: Site Mirrored?

by ilya » Sep 21st, '09, 22:35 is not a mirror of the existing site, but rather a copy of the old (version 2) site. Once we have finished squashing the bugs out of this site, we will take the old site off-line.

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