Signature Blends and Labels

Discuss some of the favorite customer-created Signature Blends.

Is the Signature blend Label Important?

Yes, the signature blend label is; thats why I made one
No, who cares too much work
Not really, the flavor is more important
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Oct 14th, '09, 13:17
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Signature Blends and Labels

by rabbitsib » Oct 14th, '09, 13:17

Many of you have made signature blends and those that have made signature blends many have not made a custom label. So the question is why haven't you made a custom label? The label, I believe is one of the best ways to promote your tea and the flavor is, if not even "more" important. What do you think?

It takes days thinking of the tea flavor I am looking for and then use photoshop with a graphics pen to draw out the label. Like this Label
Image ... blend=8756
or this one took a few hours
Image ... blend=7546
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Oct 14th, '09, 14:19
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Re: Signature Blends and Labels

by silverdoves » Oct 14th, '09, 14:19

As a blend-creator and a lover of Photoshop I love the option to make labels and it's fun, but when I buy tea I really barely even notice what the labels are, because it's all about the tea, lol.

Oct 14th, '09, 21:24
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Re: Signature Blends and Labels

by RachelC » Oct 14th, '09, 21:24

I too believe the label is an important piece of the puzzle. It can seperate you from someone else and thus create more interest and as a result create more sales althought taste is very much important as well.

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Oct 17th, '09, 19:19
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Re: Signature Blends and Labels

by beckynoel » Oct 17th, '09, 19:19

I agree that the labels are very important. If I find a signature blend that I like and it doesn't have a custom label, I find a similar blend with a label I like, or I make one of my own. Actually, to be completely honest, I have no idea how to use photoshop, so I beg my boyfriend to make the labels for me. He does an excellent job!! And a number of my signature blends have sold, so others must agree!

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