Adagio apparel finally here

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Sep 19th, '06, 16:59
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by Nugget » Sep 19th, '06, 16:59

Any chance you can add an Organic T-shirt option as well? I really love those cafepress organic t shirts - - the fabric is much softer and lighter than the normal white / ash-grey shirts.

Oct 27th, '06, 12:10
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by Amanda » Oct 27th, '06, 12:10

sorry for the delay...

Thank you for the suggestion. We have added the comfy, cozy organic shirt to the line up.

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Dec 6th, '06, 22:06
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by stugel » Dec 6th, '06, 22:06

The camisole is cute for the ladies, but who's idea was it to just get grey Hanes and slap an Adagio logo on it? Very boring, but then I'm more of a fashionista and I like a bit of color. I'd go for the messenger bag maybe, if it weren't bright yellow. Man, of all the colors to choose :shock:

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