All around good healthy tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Dec 12th 06 2:08 am
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All around good healthy tea

by sidaust » Dec 12th 06 2:08 am

This is my first post as I just found this site. I have drunk teas off and on for several years but never a serious drinker.. I know teas offer healthy benifits. But I really want to start drinking tea for good health.. For the most part the only teas I have drunk were from the super market..I am wondering if anyone tell me what is the most healthy tea to drink on a daily basis. to give energy, immune system support etc...just good for you to help one stay healthy and alert..
Thanks in advance.

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Dec 12th 06 4:27 am
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by Chip » Dec 12th 06 4:27 am

I can tell you absolutlely, positively that there is no absolute right answer to your question. Most people would say green tea is the would be hard to argue with that. However, recent studies have shown that green tea is not alone. Black, white, pu-erh, and even oolong have received positive results.

So, since they are all from the same species of plant, Cammelia sinensis (although there are many different clones), I would say let your palate be your guide. Everyone has their own personal favorite...mine is green...but I also like oolong, white, black, and pu-erh in that order (the order is always subject to change).

There is so much info on all these teas on this forum, I would do a little reading and ask questions when you need to. You will need to try some fresh looseleaf tea from reputable vendors...however this will make it almost impossible for you to go back to supermarket bagged tea...just a warning. But you will never miss it since there are seemingly endless looseleaf teas to try, and you will be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

Dec 24th 06 9:53 pm
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by kissmyhuman » Dec 24th 06 9:53 pm

Along with what chip said, all the studies I've seen have been fairly consistient in saying that even lower quality loose leaf teas have more health promoting compounds than the popular brands of bagged tea.

Don't be scared by the prices as a 5oz bag/tin of even some cheap loose leaf tea is enough to make 60 or so cups, more or less if you use it in iced teas or do multiple infusions, etc. This easily matches or beats the price of tea bags.