green tea pills

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jul 10th 05 9:35 pm

green tea pills

by curious » Jul 10th 05 9:35 pm

does it have to be green tea leaves to lose weight or can it be pills?

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Jul 16th 05 3:15 am
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by PeteVu » Jul 16th 05 3:15 am

as far as i know, green tea extract is not time released, so thats like taking a hit of green tea all at once, which doesnt seem too appealing to me. Personally, id never take the pill becuase i just love green tea too much. green tea does alot more than help you loose weight, but if thats your only goal, i would suggest heading to GNC and buying a more specialized product.

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Jul 16th 05 5:50 pm
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by Marlene » Jul 16th 05 5:50 pm

I agree. I drink tea because it tastes nice. Any health benifits are just a bonus. If you're trying to lose weight, there are more effective methods than drinking tea. If you're drinking white tea because it's good for your skin, green tea because it helps you lose weight, black tea because it helps regulate your bowel, then you're missing the point of drinking white green and black tea.
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