Oxidizing herbs like black tea

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Nov 12th, '09, 17:07
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Oxidizing herbs like black tea

by AlexZorach » Nov 12th, '09, 17:07

My family has grown herbs for years, and I've experimented a lot with drying and blending herbs, and blending them with tea (Camellia sinensis). More recently I got a crazy idea...if both the tea plant, and rooibos and honeybush are allowed to oxidize...why not try that for other herbs used in tea?

Now I am working on developing techniques for oxidizing herbs, like black or oolong tea or red rooibos. The link is to a blog post where I explain it in more depth, if anyone is interested. I also have a later post about trying this with sage to produce a toasted tea.

I'd be curious to see if (1) anyone knows about this--I haven't been able to find much information, and (2) if anyone has tried this, and (3) even if anyone hasn't tried this, if anyone is interested in it and maybe wants to get into contact and share ideas. I'd be very grateful for any information or suggestions anyone has!