Feedback please?

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Nov 28th, '09, 21:29
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Feedback please?

by charliesal7 » Nov 28th, '09, 21:29

Hi I have been working on my webpage for a while now. I advertised and recieved some clicks, but nobody is buying. Is there anyone willing to check out my website and let me the problems they see? The website is www dot Solomon Tea dot com Thanks!

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Nov 28th, '09, 21:46
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Re: Feedback please?

by AdamMY » Nov 28th, '09, 21:46

I think the biggest problem is nearly all of your teas are Rishi which are available in many large Grocery stores. So I think a major focus should be sourcing teas only your store carries.

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Nov 29th, '09, 13:59
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Re: Feedback please?

by virago_ns » Nov 29th, '09, 13:59

ditto... you need something original.

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