Improving Tea Bag Brewing...

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Dec 2nd, '09, 16:50
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Improving Tea Bag Brewing...

by coolate » Dec 2nd, '09, 16:50

Yes I know loose leaf is the only way to truly brew, so I am not even going down that road. I am working on a tea timing application, and wanted to include an option for users making tea with bags. I have heard that lowering the temperature below 190 and shorting the time will help decrease any off tastes from the bag and the lower quality/grade teas used. Does anyone have any more info, details, tips on this? Also if you have any dream features in a tea application let me know too! :D

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Jan 13th, '10, 10:54
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Re: Improving Tea Bag Brewing...

by gingkoseto » Jan 13th, '10, 10:54

I believe the most important determining factor is the quality of the teabag to begin with. Most teabags are made from tea crumbs shed off during tea processing. Although I didn't try many of them, I assume they are bad. In recent year I've noticed some teabags made from the tea crumbs from final packing of good loose leaf, and they are pretty good. I've also noticed some good CTC black tea that could be good for making teabags, and also noticed a good teabag product from trader joe.

I guess my response is a bit off topic :oops: Overall I don't believe we can do much to make bag teabags taste significantly better. But finding the few good teabag products in market may be easier than working on brewing parameters.

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