Announcing TeaRetailer!

Be a part of "TeaRetailer" history in the making.

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Dec 8th, '09, 15:07
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Announcing TeaRetailer!

by Chip » Dec 8th, '09, 15:07

Charles wrote:Welcome to, an Adagio Teas blog dedicated to chronicling the development of our first Tea Retail Store. Rather than approach this project in the typical secretive corporate fashion, the team at Adagio has made the decision to embrace the input and participation of our customers and business partners. In doing so, we hope to better align ourselves with the needs and desires of the market, and also provide valuable insights and strategies to the retailers that carry our products. Over the coming weeks and months we will publish the details of our retail strategy, the process of opening the pilot store, and the results and lessons learned along the way.

Read more about the creation and purpose of

Wow, what a unique approach!!!

And today, a new forum is created. I should mention here, I have am not employed by Adagio. I was nominated and elected by the members of TeaChat. But I do believe this is a truly unique opportunity for the members of TeaChat to be involved in this very transparent approach to the planning and creation of Adagio's first retail store.

Therefore, when I saw the Charles' topics sprouting throughout the forum, I thought it would be great to create this forum as a one stop point of reference and discussion on the subject.

So, get involved in this most interesting approach to Adagio's newest project. You can also visit for the most recent updates on the TeaRetailer project.

I somehow wonder if we are watching history in the making. Best of luck to all involved!

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