Earl Gray Bravo

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Dec 6th, '09, 13:34
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Earl Gray Bravo

by Pranter » Dec 6th, '09, 13:34

I love Earl Gray so I ordered some awhile back from Aadgio however the Bergamont was so strong you couldn't taste the tea and it was very oily.

A friend ordered it more recently and found it to be the same for her. Is this just how Adagio makes or gets it? Is it possible to change the formula?


Dec 6th, '09, 19:28
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Re: Earl Gray Bravo

by KellyJ » Dec 6th, '09, 19:28

In my limited experience (a sample tin that came with the ingenuiTea pot) Earl Grey Bravo is just VERY bergamoty.
Earl Grey is generally one of my favorites, but I don't care for Adagio's blend it's just too overpowering.

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Dec 7th, '09, 21:01
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Re: Earl Gray Bravo

by beckynoel » Dec 7th, '09, 21:01

I just ordered a sample size of Adagio's Earl Grey Bravo and I gotta say, quite bergamonty! It's so citrusy that it's barely recognizable as earl grey. I kind of wish it was a little creamier. I'm just gonna blend it with some vanilla. Maybe that will smooth it out a bit.

Dec 9th, '09, 14:30
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Re: Earl Gray Bravo

by marlena » Dec 9th, '09, 14:30

I think Bravo is an indication of extra bergamot, just as bravissimo means extra loud in music and much of Adagio's nomenclature is taken from music. Try of of the other Earl Greys and compare.

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